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FOR Automation provides you with more then just a code

Coil storage, metal industry

With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen

There is a personal satisfaction when you see something that has started as an idea in your head, and now rolling out from the production line.



Stainless still coil

We bring extensive experience in metal. Hot rolling:

  • Long products (bar  and  section mills, wire rod mills..)

  • Strip rolling 

Cold rolling:

  • Annealing and pickling lines

  • Tension leveling lines

  • Electrolytic galvanizing lines

  • Skin pass rolling mills




We can help you from early stage of project until commissioning and finial testing. Our engineer have worked for some of the biggest names in automotive industry, such as:

  • GM 

  • BMW (TMO standard)

  • Daimler (Integra standard)

  • VW (VASS standard)

Waste water tretment plant

We are specialized in a wide range of projects including wastewater treatment and waste separation. With expertise in programming, commissioning, and project design, we offer comprehensive solutions to optimize efficiency and ensure sustainable solutions for your industrial needs. 


Renewable energy

renewable energy, solar panel

The services we provide are electrical system design, construction supervision, measurement services and consulting in the field of electrical engineering, automation and power electronics. Our team of certified engineers is able to implement all project solutions in compliance with the applicable legislation, regulations, domestic (HRN) and international (IEC) norms and professional rules.


OEM automation platforms 

We can easily switch from one platform to another

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Let's do great things together

Check out benefits what we prepared FOR you

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