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FOR you...

Join us and let's do great things together 


Travel all over the world

For now, we are limited only to the Earth  

Our projects are all over the world, but mostly in EU, North America and Asia. Meet interesting people and culture while working.

Hybrid work

From home or from office

We have a flexible work-from-home policy. Our main goal is to deliver high quality projects on time.

Work From Home

Interesting projects

Working always with the latest technology, we are trying to bring additional added value to our customers. This means no project is the same. As our mission, we are always making things better, faster and more reliable.

Warehouse Robot

Opportunity to learn

We grow together

For beginners, we offer mentorship and support for your each step. To more experienced colleagues, we offer certifications, organized training, courses and coaching.

Lunch and all the coffee you need

...we serve tea also

We are aware that it is not possible to work on an empty stomach and without a good cup of coffee. That's why we make sure that lunch is always on time and the coffee machine is always hot and ready.

Eating Poke
Annual Check-up
Annual Check-up

Health check

An apple a day keeps doctor away

Can we all agree that health is the most important thing? Well, we like to make sure it is. We organize annual medical check for you.


Flexible working time

Traffic is terrible at 8:00. No problem, see you later today.

Open positions

Check below open positions. If you would like to send open request please send it to

Little bit more about us

Check out our mission, vision and values


To advance in technology with each project!


Our vision is to leave our clients with more than they were expecting. To be the company where new ideas and technologies will become our greatest trademark.


There are many qualities which we live by, but here are our top FO(u)R:


All things that we do can be done better, easier, optimized and more sustainable. Even small improvements when done constantly can make a significant difference.


We take care of each other. The well-being of the company, our colleagues and our clients is also our well-being.

Positive attitude

With great attitude, it is possible to achieve everything. “We can do it” is the first step of each project.


Each member of our team has a unique role. Difference is something that makes us stronger and more special.

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